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Real Magic Rabbit

Jimmy will bring along one or two of his furry little rabbit friends to help with the magic show. They’re a big hit with the children and the parents.

Jimmy Marvel Magic Show Real Magic Rabbit

Beautiful White Doves

Jimmy will make beautiful white doves magically appear. Your audience’s eyes will open wide when live doves make a spectacular appearance at your event.

Jimmy Marvel Magic Show Beautiful Real White Doves

Magic Illusions

Jimmy Marvel brings you marvelous magic suitable for all audiences. To make your magic show extra special you can request floating child and levitation over swords.

Jimmy Marvel Magic Show Magic Illusions

Floating Child

Gravity Defying Magic Act – One of Jimmy’s most popular illusions. Hear your audience’s jaw drop when a child, selected from the audience, appears to defy gravity. Subject to event performance space availability.

Jimmy Marvel Magic Show Floating Child

Balloon Twisting (Add-on)

Colorful twisted balloons – Twisted balloons are a popular option for birthdays and kids parties. Add balloon twisting to your kids party for a colorful touch. Pre-twisted balloons can be arranged on request for larger groups of children.

Jimmy Marvel Magic Show Balloon Twisting

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